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Louie's Grille

$ - $$


319 Main St
Cumberland, Maine 04021
(207) 489-9087

Owner Jim Guidi and his family once had a family member, Louie, for whom the restaurant is named.  Louie was a beautiful boy, a golden retriever, who brought warmth, friendship and love to the Guidi family. Ok, so not many restaurants are named for a dog, but Jim wanted Louie’s spirit to be present in this welcoming place—the spirit of adventure, friendship, and a lifelong pursuit of great food!

 Louie Guidi, RIP, 2004-2013.

PDA OFFER: PUNCH CARD - Up to $10 off Dinner entrees or $5 off Sandwiches/Burgers or Lunch

Location: Coastal East | Cuisine: American
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